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Balance on all Levels with the Crystal and Indi... > Books (English)  |  Print  |  E-mail a friend
Price EUR 36,00

Item No. 9788792549709

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Anni Sennov - Good Adventures Publishing - 212 pages - language: ENGLISH


Full title: Balance on All Levels with the Crystal and Indigo Energies

Author: Anni Sennov

Publishing company: Good Adventures Publishing

Pages: 218

This book is an expanded and updated version of Anni Sennov’s previous book “Crystal Children, Indigo Children and Adults of the Future” and it gives you good all-round insight into what it means to be a New Time Indigo and Crystal child/person and how the Indigo and Crystal energies, now and in the future, will affect everyone’s lives, life values and day to day existence on Planet Earth.

The Indigo and Crystal energies have already arrived on Earth. Not in the form of a strong white light or a great holy Angel descending from above but through all the children of the New Time born from the mid-1980s onwards and many more New Time children are yet to come. They are born with pure spiritual energy and total balance fully integrated in their bodies.

However, for adults with a soul aura structure, the New Time energy does not appear by itself. It must be chosen consciously. You can achieve this through an AuraTransformation™, which is a permanent and radical expansion of your personal consciousness. It gives you more radiance, drive and intuition and also helps you to better define who you are and what you want.

It is a condition of being aura-transformed that you read this book so that you are fully informed and aware of the effects of integrating the New Time energy into your aura.

You can buy the book here:

Good Adventures Publishing I/S  -  Vibevej 18  -  DK-2670 Greve
Tel.: +45 7020 9616  -  E-mail:  -  CVR-number: 31209021